Why Travelling Abroad is so Important?

Why Travelling Abroad is so Important?

If you believe that the world is your oyster then you should definitely consider exploring all it has to offer. Getting first hand experience of different cultures, people, places and experiences is fantastic and differs greatly from what you’ll be taught in a classroom or at a lecture. One of the best parts about travelling abroad is that you get to meet new and interesting people in a completely different setting than you’re used to. It also requires some independence, responsibility and an open mind, all of which will only increase after you’ve been to another country. But even if all that doesn’t interest you, travelling abroad can be fun, exciting and eye opening. This sentence alone should be enough to whet you appetite and leave your enquiring mind fascinated by the wonders a foreign country can offer.

Nothing Can Compare With Real Life Experience

Reading books, going online, watching movies and even living vicariously through another’s instagram, facebook and snapchat posts is one way you could go through life. But being able to take your own adventure and dip your feet into unknown waters is life changing. Once you’ve experienced different places you may never want to go home. However travelling can have the total opposite effect and make you love your home and country even more. These reasons listed below should help you understand why travelling is important.

1. Take Your Own Selfies

Even though this seems like a shallow reason to explore and discover a new country, getting to take your own snapshots should definitely be a benefit. Once you’re done exploring you’ll have photographs to take home with you and share with your friends and family. They’ll also become part of lifelong memories that you’ll appreciate as you get older. You can also post these selfies on social media, and I dare say brag about your stay?

2. Meet New People

Travelling is the perfect time to take advantage of the new people around you. Making new friends and meeting new people. Sometimes it’s also a way to learn more about yourself and get out of your established comfort zone. Travelling to a friendly country is a great way to do this and still feel at ease. When you begin your journey into travelling you may want to consider travelling to a country that has enough similar nuances to your own, so you don’t suffer from culture shock, but get to fully enjoy the beauty of the country and people around you.

3. Get Inspired To Live Life To The Fullest

After you’ve been to  a foreign country and experienced foreign situations you will soon realise you’ll won’t be able to rest on your laurels or let the grass grow under you. You’ll want to go out there and become part of a global community. You’ll have experienced what life outside your country is like, you may want to change some things, or inspire others to travel. But your point of view will be altered in a positive way. You’ll be able to appreciate the positives of your own country and will want to make positive changes to areas where you feel it’s lacking, employing methods you’ve learnt while abroad. After going overseas you’ll find yourself looking for more ways to explore and discover, to take in the world around you, and to become a global citizen.

4. Learn, Explore And Discover

Travelling is synonymous with learning. You’ll be able to learn a foreign language, learn about various cultural norms, increase your ability to adapt as well as understand international issues. But the best part of travelling is all the things you’ll learn about yourself and how you adapt to unfamiliar situations all while  taking in the beauty the world has to offer you.

So, whether you decide to travel for the photos, people, inspiration or life lessons you won’t regret making the decision. The world beyond your borders is waiting… You should go out there and explore it.
Finding the right program to help you accomplish this is important and will allow you to travel abroad with other like-minded youngsters. South Africa is also a fantastic country to travel to, it’s picturesque locations and friendly citizens make it an ideal destination for first time travellers and foreign exchange students. You should certainly consider joining us on our next trip to the country.

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