Volunteering & Internships in South Africa

On going projects

Come to South Africa and Volunteer at one of our many ongoing projects, all based around the naval area of Simons Town. On your Internship you can be helping in a Township with everything from working in a school to painting and decorating. Alternatively you can work in a design studio.

Volunteer in South Africa

We have many organisations in South Africa, that we work with that you can be part of.


Come to South Africa and volunteer at one of our many ongoing projects. You can be helping in a Township with everything from working in a school to painting and decorating. Alternatively, you can work in a design studio. Find out more below. Or, come to South Africa for one of our many College Courses for up to six months. You will get an accredited qualification which will help you in your chosen field. You will also get an opportunity to work with a volunteer organisation doing development projects.


Do you want to improve your English with some volunteering or work experience or just want to find out more about South Africa by teaching and speaking English?

What is the difference between Volunteering and Internships?

If you volunteer on any of the above projects, you will definitely need a passion and interest in your chosen field. It wont matter if you are not making this your chosen career but you will need to have a genuine interest. We understand that you don’t mind what you do, and will try anything, at least once! We like our Volunteering students to come from all backgrounds and be of all ages. So long as you are over 18 years of age, we will welcome you. Students can come from as little as one month to one academic year, although most stay from between 1 to 3 months. If you are staying for a lengthier period of time then you could consider taking on two different Volunteering Projects. Internships are usually unpaid work towards gaining valuable experience in your chosen career. You should be studying this at University or taking a Sabbatical to gain more experience.

Our Students

Our High School students often participate in various projects in the townships in Cape Town
Take a tour of Social and speak directly to current students to hear about what it’s like to live in South Africa and Participate on ongoing projects.
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