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If you come to South Africa on a High School Programme or Exchange Programme then you will stay with one of our very carefully selected and chosen Host Families who will be living near to your High School. Additionally, some of our host families will have children attending the same school as you, so this will make it easy on your first day.
Our Host families are all known to us and our local Co Ordinator who lives close to them. They will have been chosen for their warm welcome, empathy with young students and their compatibility with the students we send. Our Local Co Ordinator will meet you on the first day at school and ensure you have everything you need. They will also keep in touch with you via email or WhatsAp and meet you once a month and ask you how you are and the progress you are making. They are always available should you be worried or have any problems during your time in South Africa.

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If you are in South Africa during the school holidays, then we ask our Host Families to take you out to visit the local area and see some of the amazing sites that South Africa has to offer. Some students have gone on Safari; some camping in the Bush and some have spent time learning to Surf. Whatever you want to do, know that your host family will help you achieve this where possible. We think our families in South Africa are warm; loving family, friendly; sociable and really want to show you the country that they love. South African people are by their very nature, warm friendly and sociable. Be prepare for lots of Braais. Finally, in the very unfortunate event that you are not settled with your host family, we will do our best to find you another one, more suitable, if we are unable to change or sort your worries with your current one.

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