Dorianne’s time in Free State, South Africa

Dorianne’s time in Free State, South Africa

During the school holidays in Cape Town, I went to my my host mother’s parents’ house in the Free State. It took us 14 hours of driving to get there, so we left our home in Stellenbosch at 6sm and arrived at the farm at about 20.00. The first day, we walked around the farm with the 8 dogs. The next day we took a walk again, and I could see some of the farm activities. During the afternoon we went to the nearest village to buys some food and then we went horse riding!

I loved this, so I got to go horse riding with my host-mother’s sister the next day. We even got to gallop with the horses and this was a lot of fun. That afternoon, Nelda’s mom showed me how to work with springbok meat, to make some biltong and sausage. Biltong is a kind of dried meat that is commonly eaten in South Africa and I love it.

The stay at the farm was very interesting, because I got to see a lot of things I would otherwise not experience. I saw how a kudu is slaughtered and hung up, after having the organs and skin removed – this is done in order to have meat for the week for everyone. I was very glad to be there.


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Dorianne Bedier, High School Exchange Student


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