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What is it?

The Homestay English course is considered to be one of the most enticing options to learn English. Students get the enlightening experience of living with their teachers; which means full immersion in the English culture for a very short space of time. During this time you will improve your English more quickly than other English Learning Programmes.   Each student will be taught based upon their levels of understanding of the English language, from beginner to functional levels, the options are endless and entirely up to you. This homestay course provides beautiful homes in captivating Cape Town, Durban and Stellenbosch areas of South Africa. There will be no need to worry about how comfortable you will be during your stay. South Africa’s accommodation are catered to your needs, for both adults and younger learners. Feel free to bring along a friend, learning is even more fun when you have someone to share it with. You will enjoy the country’s culture, people and landscape and you will almost forget that you are actually studying. Students from across the world have left remarkable reviews on their time spent in South Africa and the lasting relationships they have made with teachers and their families.

Who is this course for?

This course is structured for the following sets of people:

  • Adults learners
  • Young learners
  • Persons looking to travel to South Africa for the first time but also improve their English
  • Those that wish to mix a learning experience with vacation time
  • Those that wish for individual learning 1-2-1
  • Those that wish to share learning with a friend 2-2-1

How we do this course?

This programme is tailored to suit each student’s needs and levels of English. You are given the opportunity to live in the home of your English Teacher who will facilitate the speed and efficiency of the learning process. The pace of the lessons are always your choice. 

The courses have been deliberately structured to maintain training time, spanning from morning to evening in various ways. With your Teacher not too far away learning the language becomes a very interactive experience. During the days many fun activities will be included:

  • Scheduled trips to landmarks in Cape Town or Durban or other places of interest
  • Shopping
  • Watersports activities
  • Surfing; walking or cycling
  • Volunteering or Philanthropy 

For younger students, we encourage you to complete an online Blog.  This platform is provided, by us and will encourage children to log their daily activities not only for practising what is taught each day but their native families will be able to share in the experiences being posted. 

What you can gain from it?

The programme provides English Teachers at all levels. As a result, students will have the option of being taught English at any of the following levels: English for beginners, conversational English, Language examination preparation as well as Baccalaureate, Matura/Maturita, PET, FCE/CAE. 

After the duration of this course there will be no doubts as to how wonderful the exp

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