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What is it?

Are you thinking of learning English with a small group of friends or family? Then this programme will be your ideal fit. The English for Families and Small Groups caters to groups of 4 people. Teachers have formulated courses that work at optimal levels for these groups. During your stay, a schedule will be created for you to not only learn together but be able to explore wonderful places such as Boulders Beach and Hout Bay. There will be no need to worry, you will never be left alone on these excursions, your assigned tutor will be right there with you to make the experience even more worthwhile. The chance to make lasting memories with friends and family can be created with this special programme.

Who is this course for?

This course is structured for a maximum of a group of 4 students:

  • Small groups of friends 
  • Families 
  • First time travelers to South Africa

How are we doing this course?

The course will follow a structure that is tailored to the needs of the group. Families with children will have the lovely experience of living with a tutor while learning English. There will be scheduled times for the children as well as adult centred learning. In extension families will also have the opportunity of learning together; this experience is considered a very important aspect of how this course is structured, the emphasis is placed on group learning and participation. Groups of friends will be placed with host families and scheduled morning training will be done with a tutor in varying locations. 

Groups are taken care of during the days, as lunch and excursion activities are also another priority listing. The chance to practice the language while experiencing the culture is a definite experience that will be had. 

What do you gain from it?

The Club 4 programme offers the priceless time spent making memories with family and friends. You are learning a language, experiencing South Africa and making new and lasting relationships with tutors, host families and others you will inevitably come into contact with on your journey. This course offers something for all ages, no one is left behind which makes it such a wonderful way to continue making lasting bonds to recount stories of how you learnt English.

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