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What is it?

The world of business creates no borders when it applies to communication. It is due to this that many conform to learning a language based on the industry they belong, in order to continue facilitating the best communication possible. Business English courses have been created for those professionals that may wish to use some vacation time or some specific training time to gain these skills. For some, the intention is to enhance the language skills already gained to be even more proficient in conducting meetings and understanding and creating corporate documents. The programme coordinators also make the necessary arrangements to provide much-suited accommodations with host families in beautiful South Africa. You will experience the food, culture and some welcoming families in and around Hermanus, Gordons Bay, Simons Town and Cape Town. This will be a business learning trip you will never forget!

Who is this course for?

This course is structured for all types of business professionals that may wish to get prepared for meetings, interviews, and gain the skills to manipulate corporate documents; speak confidently on the telephone and answer emails with speed and ease. 

How are we doing this course?

The business course is equipped with English Teachers that boast intensive training and experience with the language. They are capable of providing a programme to meet your specific professional targets. With a profile assessment done that will identify your professional endeavours and industry, teachers will be matched against your specific needs in as many ways as is necessary. The intention will be to help in achieving your learning objectives. 

Business English will focus on the following areas:

  • Boosting confidence when participating in interviews and meetings
  • Working on conversational English needed for the work environment, that is for face to face and over the telephone interactions. 
  • Additionally, email etiquette along with report generation, creating presentations, conducting oneself in meetings and negotiation techniques will be focused on.
  • Covering basic and business vocabulary that will be useful for effective interaction.
  • Dealing efficiently with the positive and negative side of Business through various communication mediums such as face to face; telephone and emails

What do you gain from it?

This course is equipped with some of the best teachers that will provide an environment only steered towards your grasp of Business English. You will be prepared to handle workplace expectations and simultaneously gain the skill of understanding a new language and an interesting culture. All in all we offer a very professional stay based around Business English 

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