Its all about the football boots


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Its all about the football boots

We are raising funds to buy football boots for kids in a local Township in South Africa.  Please help us to enable them to participate in matches.

Everyone loves football, either to watch or play and its no different in a Township in South Africa.  We have found out that although many of the kids enjoy the game, they are prevented from playing competitively, either in weekend leagues or in their schools because they don’t have the correct kit.  They are not allowed to play if they don’t have the full kit which MUST include football boots.  We all know how important it is to channel an outlet into something positive rather than negative and local Coach, Spencer Siljeur freely gives his time and enthusiasm to steer the kids towards football rather than crime!  We want to help him give these kids as much help as possible.  Take a look at his video and find out more…

Here at English Language Homestays we are aiming to collect enough funds to purchase a football kit but more importantly are after some help, please, to get them the most important thing which is a pair of boots.   English Language Homestays has pledged to match each boot you buy with another one.  So if you can pledge money to buy a left boot, ELH will buy the right one.  It’s a win win situation.     So will you kindly think about helping our scheme and donate the small cost towards one football boot.  It doesn’t matter how much, but if you can donate a minimum of 5.00GBP we would be so grateful.

Quick Update from the Coach – April 30, 2019