Business English Courses in South Africa for Professionals

Business English Courses in South Africa for Professionals

Cape Town is a beautiful port city on South Africa´s southwest coast, which is beneath the amazing Table Mountain. Cape Town can provide a calm but yet beautiful adventure of your dreams with its slowly rotating cable cars that climb on the mountain´s flat top, from where you will able to have a breathtaking view of the city, on the other hand, you can also have a hectic, beautiful adventure on Cape Town´s busy harbor by being on the boats that head to Robben Island, where you will be able to find the notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela, which is now a living museum.

If you are an experienced hiker, then you will fall in love with the hikers’ paths, which it crisscross the slopes and it will also help you climb the mountain, via forests. You will also be able to visit the beautifully manicured lawns at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, the lush wine-producing suburb of Constantia, and steep Platteklip Gorge. In town, the V&A Waterfront is a chic shopping and entertainment district that includes the Two Oceans Aquarium. Historic sites include the Dutch-built, 17th century Castle of Good Hope. City beaches range from ritzy Clifton to Boulders, where there’s a penguin colony. Popular out-of-town trips take in Chapman’s Peak Drive, with coastal views, and the Cape of Good Hope, where craggy cliffs meet the ocean. So, as you can see you will have the adventure of your life, which you will remember for years to come.

That is the very reason we decided to offer Private English Lessons for adults and Business English, among other programs. You will able to enjoy visiting many exciting places while learning English without you even noticing. You can even have a swim with Penguins at the world famous Boulders Beach. How amazing is that!

What is Business English Course for professionals?

There are no borders when we talk about communicating inside the business world. This is why many professionals see the need to learn the language based on the industry that they belong, in order to facilitate the best communication possible. That is why we have created Business English Courses for professionals that wish to have some vacation time or a businessman that wishes to use their vacation time to train to gain the skill of knowing a new language such as English which is the universal language used in the business world. For so,me, their intention is to improve the language skills that they have already gained and take those skills to an even more proficient level in order to be able to conduct meetings and have a better understanding of how to create corporate documents. The staff that coordinates the programme make the necessary arrangements to provide suited accommodations with host families that are located in beautiful South Africa. You will be able to experience homemade local food, culture and the warmth of a welcoming family. And make the business learning trip that you will never forget!

How English for work differ from other English Courses?

This course has equipped and experienced English teachers that give an intensive training and experience to their students, the difference lies with the very fact that other English Courses have a more relaxed learning approach and they cater to for instance young students who wish to learn a new language. I also wanted to mention that our teachers are also capable of providing a programme to meet your specific professional targets. They do a professional profile assessment which helps to identify your professional endeavors and industry, that way your teacher can understand which are your specific needs. The intention is to help you achieve your learning objectives. 

How can a Business English Course help Non-Native Speakers?

A Business English Course is a major asset to a professional who is interacting with the business world on a daily basis. This course will help you focus on the following areas:

  • It will boost your confidence when participating in interviews and meetings
  • It will help you work on your conversational English skills which are needed for the work environment, that is when having a meeting with a client or over the telephone interactions. 
  • Additionally, you will taught email etiquette along with report generation, this course will also boost your confidence when creating presentations, and it will help you feel more confident about the way you conduct yourself in a business meeting, and this course will also focus on negotiation techniques.
  • We will also cover basic, and business vocabulary that will be useful and most importantly it will help you have an effective interaction with your clients.
  • This course will also help you deal efficiently with the positive and negative side of Business when communicating with others either face to face, or via telephone or when communicating via email.

Overall this course will give you the tools to become more successful in your place of work! Who can say no to that!

What kind of Holiday activities can you do in Cape Town, South Africa?

There are many wonderful holiday activities that you can do in Cape Town as I mentioned before you can get on the rotating cable cars that climb on the mountain´s flat top, you can also go to Cape Town´s busy harbor and head over to Robben Island where you will be able to find the prison that held Nelson Mandela. 

You can also go to the hiker´s path that it will enable you to climb the mountain when walking through its forests. You can also visit the lawns at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and the elegant wine-producing suburb of Constantia, and steep Platteklip Gorge. And if you go to town, you can go to the chic V&A Waterfront which is a shopping and entertainment district that includes the Two Oceans Aquarium. If you are a history buff, you can to Castle of Good Hope, or if you love beaches, there are plenty of beaches to go to such as Clifton and Boulders where there is a penguin colony. You will also have the option of taking out of town trips to Chapman´s Peak Drive that has beautiful coastal views, and the Cape of Good Hope where you will be able to see beautiful cliffs that meet the ocean.

So, as you can see you will not run out of things to do in Cape Town. So what are you waiting for? Call us and begin the holiday that you will remember for the rest of life!

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